We remixed modern street football with the evolution of video games to create the ultimate stage for the most skillful playmakers.

Transforming an old gas storage facility in West Amsterdam, we created 360º animated visuals, drew an explosive neon pitch and placed the DJ inside a giant arcade machine.

To match the fast, fearless, phrenetic football we designed an array of content that could keep pace with the game and hype the crowd.

We created a wide range of assets including team crests, scoreboard, shout-outs and in-game moments.

> Credits:

Client: Nike
Agency: Intro
Nike Creative Direction: Wai Lau
Nike Art Director: Paul Hutcheson
Design & Direction: Reuben Armstrong
Animation: Reuben Armstrong, Jason Moss, Ronnie Deelen
3D Concept Visuals: Alex Dunford
Artworking: Reuben Armstrong & Alice Bosc
Sound Design: Jamie Frye
Event Technical Team: Satis&fy

Photography & footage courtesy of:
Intro, Very Rare Ams, Willem De Kam for Soccerbible, ProDirectSoccer, Anton Richlik, James Cullen, Ballinnnmag & Winfred Nak.